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Is A Chocolate Fountain Or A Champagne Fountain Right For My Event?

When most people throw an event, they want their party to have something different, which sets it apart from other events. What actually sets a party apart from other parties can be many different things, including a new and original theme, a brilliant colour scheme or a unique choice of entertainment. The thing that sets an event apart from other events can even be something as simple as an interesting centrepiece, such as an ice sculpture, a chocolate fountain or a champagne fountain. Many people worry about whether a chocolate fountain or a champagne fountain would be right for their event, but the truth of the matter is that they are actually a great accompaniment to a whole range of different event.

A lot of prom or graduation committees choose to have food-based fountains as the centrepieces at the events which they are planning because they are both fun and functional, as well as being an inexpensive option. Chocolate or champagne fountains allow people to be fed or watered whilst they are also mingling with their friends. Fountains are also a great alternative to buffet dessert foods. Because the fountain will produce a constant, moving stream of chocolate for a finite amount of time the fountain will hold the attention of guests for longer and will look more tempting than the half-picked over buffet tables which often occur at these types of events. A chocolate or champagne (or non-alcoholic punch) fountain will fit well with the young, funky and flirty guests who are likely to be attending a prom or graduation event.

Although a luxurious chocolate fountain is still an option for business events, many corporate event organisers choose to have champagne fountains instead, rather than chocolate ones. Champagne fountains have the same wow factor as chocolate ones do, but business clients often feel more comfortable around champagne fountains. At some corporate events, where people are networking with one another, they may be afraid to use a chocolate fountain as they are may be worried about eating a potentially messy foodstuff in front of business colleagues who they are trying to impress. However, they are likely to see a Champagne fountain as a classy and opulent addition to an event, and will be happy to use it in front of other guests without worrying about mess. If a networking event begins with a champagne fountain, the alcohol consumed may also act as a social lubricant to help to get people talking to one another.