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Avoiding a Chocolate Meltdown

In chocolate terms it's like searching for the Holy Grail. Finding the secret to producing great chocolate that won't melt is the question that's on many of the sweet lips of the world's chocolate manufacturers across the globe. But now the search for that long awaited Holy Grail of the Chocolate world could be coming to an end and melted chocolate could become a problem that's buried into the annals of chocolate history across the globe as 10 years of meticulous chocolate research and development is coming to fruition. In recent days, two of the world's largest chocolate manufacturers are claiming that they are nearing the launch of new 'heat resistant chocolate'. The problem of sticky fingers and chocolaty pockets and lunch boxes could soon be a thing of the past!

Mondelez International, the maker of Cadbury's chocolate, told Reuters in an interview that 'the chocolate can withstand 40 degrees and not turn to liquid'. Company Spokesman Mr MacDougall told Reuters 'the chocolate product we will be introducing in the near future is able to endure temperatures as high as 104F and not melt. This heat-resistant chocolate is particularly intended for places that have hot and humid climates such as India, Brazil and Africa, where food products end up falling victim to the scorching heat of the sun.'

The natural melting point for chocolate is between 86F and 93.2F, lower than human body temperature, so this will be a revolution in the world of chocolate. But will it affect the chocolate's taste?

Cadburys weren't letting people in on the finer details about taste or the magic ingredients but according to company sources, the chocolate will be continue to live up to the high standards associated with the leading manufacturer. It will initially be launched in the Middle East and Africa with Eastern Europe following close behind.

So, how will this affect the chocolate industry across the globe? Whilst it's unlikely to have real impact in cooler climates, the non-melting chocolate could be a gamer-changer in hotter countries across the world. If it takes off then the days of melted chocolate bars in pockets, cars and kids lunch boxes could soon be a thing of the past!

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